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4 Reasons You Need A Dual Kennel For One Cat

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Whether you are at home or traveling, you need to make sure your cat has the space that they need. Animals need to be able to roam around and explore so that they do not feel bored and fall back on negative behaviors, such as scratching or biting to keep themselves occupied. If you often need to kennel your pet, whether during traveling or at home, you should have a dual sided kennel. Here are four reasons you need a dual sided kennel for your cat. 1. Toys and food need to be separated One of the best ways to make sure that your cat can properly transition from eating and play time to rest time is to have separate areas for each. Place toys, food, and water in one side of the kennel and place blankets on the other half. This will also allow your pet to transition on their own, if necessary. This will help your cat cure their restlessness on their own. 2. More room to stretch out A dual sided carrier is one of the best ways to sneak in a little more space for your cat. Cats need to feel safe within an enclosed space, so it should not be too large. However, when your pet is placed underneath a seat during a plane or bus ride, they may feel more cramped due to the seat decreasing their overhead space. to combat this issue, you can open up the second portion of a dual sided soft kennel to allow the cat to be able to stretch their body and legs while laying down. This will allow your cat to comfortably lie down when on a trip. 3. Accidents are less of an emergency If your cat has an accident on one side of the kennel they will still be able to sit inside of the other side of the kennel while you look for a bathroom. Without dual sides, the cat may get wet and you will find yourself with a stained and stinky kennel plus kitty. You can even sit a potty pad on one side of the kennel during travel breaks if outdoor space is not available at the current time. 4. You can access your cat without them getting out If you want to give your cat medicine, food, or water while on a plane, bus, or crowded area, you can access them through the empty side of the carrier. Open the carrier enough to stick our hands in to access your pet without being worried about them being able to escape. This will make you, your pet, and others in public much more at ease. For more information, contact a kennel company like Country...

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Four Guidelines For Feeding Puppies After Weaning

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One of the most important factors in ensuring that your puppy grows up healthy and strong is ensuring that he or she is fed properly. When the puppy is very young, it will get all that it needs from its mother’s milk. However, when he or she reaches about eight weeks, weaning will be complete, and the puppy will be dependent on you, the owner, for its nutritional needs. Follow these tips to ensure that you’re giving your puppy the best diet possible. Choose a puppy-specific food. Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. They need more fat to support their growing brains and plenty of minerals for their growing bones. A food made for adult dogs won’t have the proper balance of nutrients. You need to choose a food made specifically for puppies. Ask your vet to recommend a reliable brand. Any brand with a longstanding history and moderate price should be sufficient in most cases. Ask your vet about proper feeding amounts. The back of the dog food bag should have some basic information about the appropriate amounts to feed puppies of various ages and sizes. Use this information to guide you when you first bring your puppy home. However, your vet is an even better resource for determining how much to feed. When you take your puppy in for his or her checkup, tell the vet what food you’re using and ask how much he or she recommends for your puppy. Your vet will base recommendations on your puppy’s overall health and how fast he or she is growing, which is more specific than what the feed bag can tell you. Feed several times per day. One or two larger meals per day may be sufficient for an adult dog, but little puppies have quick metabolisms and need to eat more often. Experts recommend feeding puppies three meals per day until they are 18 weeks old. The first meal can be in the early morning, the second around noon, and the third around 5 pm. You want the final meal to be early enough that your puppy still has time to digest and eliminate before bedtime. Once your puppy is 18 weeks old, you can eliminate the noontime meal without concern. Be careful with people food. It’s often easiest to avoid feeding your puppy people food altogether. Many people foods can upset puppy’s stomachs, leading to diarrhea and other issues. If you can’t resist the temptation to give people food to your puppy, do so in very small amounts only. Some foods that are safe include unseasoned cooked chicken, salmon, cheese, and green beans. For more information about dog food, contact Surrey Meat Packers Ltd or a similar...

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3 Tips To Make Sure Your Dog Is Not Stressed At A Boarding Kennel

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Dog boarding is a good way to allow your dog to interact with other dogs. It allows them to become familiar with new surroundings and activities. However, if your dog is not used to being around other dogs or if this environment is completely new to them, then they can become stressed. Your dog may lose their appetite or bark nonstop as a way to show that they are stressed out. As a result, it is important to help your dog reduce their stress levels when they go to a boarding kennel. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use in order to do this. Bring Their Favorite Toy to the Boarding Kennel A large part of what stresses a dog out is a new environment. When a dog is placed in a new environment that they are unfamiliar with they have trouble adapting. You can make this easier for them by bringing something to the boarding kennel that is familiar and reminds them of home. A favorite toy or blanket will work well. This will help your dog feel as though they have a safe place while in the boarding kennel. Once they feel this way, they can ease into the new environment at their own pace without feeling stressed. Visit the Dog Boarding Facility Beforehand Your dog is less likely to get stressed out at the dog boarding facility if they are familiar with the environment they will be placed. You can take them to visit the dog boarding facility beforehand in order to give them a chance to become familiar with the location. This may not happen immediately after the first visit, but the more familiar they are with the environment the more comfortable they will feel when you sign them up. Make Sure the Kennel has Enough Room for Your Dog to Run The easiest way for your dog to release stress is through exercise. Any form of exercise, like running and jumping, helps to calm your dog and reduce nervousness. If the kennel does not have enough space for your dog to run or move around, then they can feel trapped and confined. The lack of space may end up increasing any stress that your dog already has. A boarding kennel can be a positive experience for your dog, but it can also cause stress. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that your dog is not stressed the next time they go to a boarding kennel. Contact a local kennel,like Sitting Pretty Canine Services dog boarding, for more...

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5 Tips For Potty Training Your Dog

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Whether you just bought a dog from a breeder or adopted one from the shelter, it is very important to take potty training seriously. If you make the effort to housebreak your pooch, you will have fewer accidents in the house and much less stress. Here are five helpful tips for potty training your dog: Set Regular Meal Schedules During potty training, it is important to feed your dog at the same times every day. This way, he will need to use the restroom at similar times each day and understand when it is time to go to the bathroom. If you feed your pooch at different times and throw in snacks, he may become confused. Take Your Dog Out Frequently Do not just take your dog out when he is standing by the door. To prevent accidents during the potty training phase, you should try to take your dog out about every hour. This might sound excessive, but it will help your dog get used to going to the bathroom outside. If you are too busy with work to take your dog out that frequently, think about hiring someone to do it for you. Stand By Your Dog’s Side When your dog is still learning to go to the bathroom outside, it is a good idea to stand next to him while he does his business. Doing this will help make your pooch feel more comfortable. Do not Punish Your Dog Even if you take your dog out regularly, accidents are still bound to happen sometimes. If your dog urinates or soils in your house, you might think that rubbing his nose in it or spanking is a good idea. However, punishing your pooch might just make him more afraid. Just clean up the mess and continue with potty training your dog. Offer Praise Giving your dog praise immediately after he has gone to the bathroom outside will reinforce the good behavior. For example, you could pet his head or give him a small treat. Your dog will quickly learn that he is doing the right thing and continue to relieve himself outside. Potty training can take several months, so it is important to be patient. If you follow these helpful tips, it will be a lot easier to teach your dog to go to the bathroom outside. However, if your dog still has accidents in the house after several months, you should think about hiring a dog training...

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3 Natural Ways To Disinfect Your Dog’s Kennel

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Providing your dog with access to a kennel gives him or her a safe place to call their very own. Unfortunately, dog kennels can become dirty very quickly. To ensure that your pet’s health isn’t compromised by a dirty kennel, it’s essential that you take the time to clean the kennel on a regular basis. Here are three natural products you can use to help disinfect your dog’s kennel in the future. 1. Vinegar Using harsh chemicals to clean your dog’s kennel could cause your pet to develop allergies or lead to skin irritation. Reaching for some vinegar instead of bleach will help you protect your pet while disinfecting his or her kennel. Vinegar contains 5% acetic acid, which allows it to kill off any microbes that could be lurking within your dog’s kennel. If you are worried about the smell associated with using vinegar as a cleaner, opt for white vinegar instead of the apple cider variety. White vinegar has a milder smell than apple cider vinegar, though both are odorless when dry. 2. Borax While borax is commonly used as a laundry detergent, it can be used to clean your dog’s kennel as well. When combined with hot water, borax has the ability to transform some water molecules into hydrogen peroxide molecules. Borax also has the ability to inhibit the metabolic process of some microbes, preventing them from growing or multiplying. Using a solution of hot water and borax to disinfect your dog’s kennel is a great way to get the kennel clean without resorting to chemicals that can irritate both yours and your dog’s skin. 3. Essential Oils Essential oils are becoming more popular among homeowners who want to live a more natural lifestyle. When it comes to cleaning your dog’s kennel, essential oils can prove to be a useful tool for disinfecting the kennel without harsh chemicals. Research shows that cinnamon oil and thyme oil vapors are effective when it comes to inhibiting the growth of the bacteria strains responsible for E. coli, strep, staph, and influenza. Using these essential oils to clean your dog’s kennel is a natural way to protect your pet against exposure to harmful bacteria in the future. Keeping your dog’s kennel clean is essential when it comes to health and wellbeing of your pet. Using harsh chemicals to clean can be dangerous, so finding natural alternatives is advised. Try using vinegar, borax, or essential oils to give your dog the disinfected kennel that he or she deserves in the future. To learn more, contact a company like Parkland Kennels West...

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