Three Road Trip Tips For Dog Owners

If you're anything like the average pet owner, your dog is a member of the family. When your family hops in the car for a road trip, your dog is probably right there with you. To ensure you keep your dog safe and comfortable the entire trip, it's a good idea to be familiar with helpful dog traveling tips.

Use Breaks For Exercise

When you stop to get fuel or stretch your legs, have another family member exercise your dog. Whether it is a game of fetch or a leashed run around the area, activity will help tire your pet out, which will ultimately make him more inclined to rest in the car, instead of being overly hyper.

Helping the dog burn energy is especially important if you plan to keep the pet in a crate on your ride. If you have an especially active dog, you will likely have to make more stops than normal to wear the animal down.

Lock Your Windows

Most modern vehicles have a window lock feature that allows you to disable the passenger's ability to operate the window; make sure you engage this on your trip. This step is especially important if you have a small dog or one that is overly excited.

A dog's paw can put enough pressure on the button to roll the window down, allowing the dog an opportunity to jump out the window. Additionally, if the window is open and the dog's paw closes it, if their head is stuck in the window this could serve as a choking hazard.

Be Prepared For Motion Sickness

If you have a young dog or puppy, make sure you are preparing yourself for motion sickness. While it can affect a dog at any age, this condition often targets younger dogs because the part of the ear structure designated to improve balance in younger puppies isn't fully developed, making them more susceptible to irritation from the car ride.

A dog dealing with this condition may whine, be listless or vomit. If your dog has been known to have this issue in the past, you can speak with your veterinarian like one from Brampton Veterinary Hospital about different medication options that are available to keep them more comfortable on the journey.

Having an enjoyable trip is important; however, keeping everyone safe, including your dog, on the journey is equally important. Make sure you are taking measures to keep your dog both comfortable and safe on your next road trip.

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