4 Reasons You Need A Dual Kennel For One Cat

Whether you are at home or traveling, you need to make sure your cat has the space that they need. Animals need to be able to roam around and explore so that they do not feel bored and fall back on negative behaviors, such as scratching or biting to keep themselves occupied. If you often need to kennel your pet, whether during traveling or at home, you should have a dual sided kennel. Here are four reasons you need a dual sided kennel for your cat.

1. Toys and food need to be separated

One of the best ways to make sure that your cat can properly transition from eating and play time to rest time is to have separate areas for each. Place toys, food, and water in one side of the kennel and place blankets on the other half. This will also allow your pet to transition on their own, if necessary. This will help your cat cure their restlessness on their own.

2. More room to stretch out

A dual sided carrier is one of the best ways to sneak in a little more space for your cat. Cats need to feel safe within an enclosed space, so it should not be too large. However, when your pet is placed underneath a seat during a plane or bus ride, they may feel more cramped due to the seat decreasing their overhead space. to combat this issue, you can open up the second portion of a dual sided soft kennel to allow the cat to be able to stretch their body and legs while laying down. This will allow your cat to comfortably lie down when on a trip.

3. Accidents are less of an emergency

If your cat has an accident on one side of the kennel they will still be able to sit inside of the other side of the kennel while you look for a bathroom. Without dual sides, the cat may get wet and you will find yourself with a stained and stinky kennel plus kitty. You can even sit a potty pad on one side of the kennel during travel breaks if outdoor space is not available at the current time.

4. You can access your cat without them getting out

If you want to give your cat medicine, food, or water while on a plane, bus, or crowded area, you can access them through the empty side of the carrier. Open the carrier enough to stick our hands in to access your pet without being worried about them being able to escape. This will make you, your pet, and others in public much more at ease.

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